All Matel Reed

Continental’s offers complete range of REEDS satisfying demand of modern high speed highly efficient weaving needs by investing skill, experience of generations, care & the right machines.

We produce REED as per Customers requirements. We have complete range of reeds like;

Weaving REED Synthetic Bonded Flexible REED for Projectile, Rapier & Shuttle Weaving Machine.

Double Dented REED Synthetic Bonded for Terry Towel Fabrics & Special Weave

Stainless Steel REED for Water Jet Weaving Machine completely made of Stainless Steel.

Ribbon / Needle REED made of High Carbon Rolled / Harden & Tempered Dented / High Carbon Dented / Stainless Steel

Special REED having Staggered Counts / Frictional counts for Metallic Cloth, Carpet, Velvet, Felt & special purpose Jute weaving.

Warping & Sizing REED made of Low Carbon / Stainless Steel Dents duly Hard Chrome Plated for Warping & Sizing Machine

Lease REED, Comb REED, V REED, V Comb REED made of Stainless Steel / High Carbon Hard Chrome Plated for Warping & Sizing Machine.

  • Expansion REED Holding Units
  • Zigzag REED Unit
  • “V” REED Holders
  • Flat REED for Circular Knitting Machines

Special Arrangements: Selvedge area 1″ / 10 Dents duly Hard Chrome Plated Dents / High Carbon Dents / Harden & Tempered Dents REED for Jute & Special requirements.


We can offer any varieties of Odd / Special purpose REED as per Customers requirements.

We can offer REED;

  • Up to 140 counts
  • Dent Wire Material – Low Carbon Steel / High Carbon Harden & Tempered Rolled / Stainless Steel
  • Over All Height: 58mm to 200mm
  • Over All Length: Up to 4.2 Mtrs. (4200mm)
  • Air Space: Generally 50% to 55% Air Gape is supplied. But we can offer up to 60% to 70% also.
  • Dent Size: 2.5mm / 3mm / 4mm / 6mm

Our Other products Heald Frames, Drop Pins, Electrical Contact Bars, Leno Doup Healds, Ribbon /Needle Loom Healds, Special Healds, Wire Healds, Flat Steel Healds, kindly ask for the respective catalogues or get in direct touch with us.

Odd is Even for Continental’s
Need is the mother of all inventions, we in Continental’s do not see anything impossible. We create the products for the knish market also & we can also provide the tailor-made solutions for your