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Electrical Contact Bars [ Warp Stop Motion Bar ( WSM Bar ) ]:

Continental’s offers Electrical Contact Bars for all variety of Weaving Machines & Weaving Needs by investing our 2-generation experience, Skill, Care with right machines for required tooling.

Electrical Contact Bars have got Stainless Steel Outer Cover, Hard Quality formed Brass Inner Strips insulated & formed, Asymmetrical / Symmetrical, Notched / Non-notched type in various width & thickness taking due care for all high Speed Weaving Machines.

Dividing Rails:

For Electrical Warp Stop Motion made from Harden & Tempered both edges rounded Nickel Chrome Plated are offered in sizes of 20mm x 3mm / 20mm x 2mm / 16mm x 2mm & 15mm x 3mm.

Chart showing Part No. & length of Electrical Contact Bars & Dividing Rails for Sulzer TW11 / PU M/cs.

M/c Size Electrical Contact Bars Dividing Rails
Reed Space Symmetrical
Part No.
Length ‘L Asymmetrical
Part No.
Part No. Length ‘L’
153″ 911.155.764 4255mm 911.155.759 911.207.613 4025mm
130″ 911.155.763 3670mm 911.155.758 911.207.617 3455mm
110″ 911.155.762 3162mm 911.155.757 911.207.615 2959mm
85″ 911.155.761 2780mm 911.155.756 911.207.619 2337mm