“Need is the mother of all inventions.” we in Continental’s do not see anything impossible. When there is a challenge we are ready to take it on.

The slogan “Odd is Even” is supported by various specialized successful developments done for the first time by Continental’s.

All Metal Heald Frame Aluminum Section was developed 1 st time in India by Continental’s in 1958 & we were the only manufacture from 1958 to 1962.

1st Longest Frame & REED for 350 cms. Ruti `C’ Looms was developed & delivered by Continental’s to `LAL’ for Arbuda Mills in 1975.

In India , Sulzer Heald Frame for 220 cms. was developed by Continental’s in 1976 for Raymond Woollen Mills.

Today, we can offer 4.2 Mtrs. REED & 5.5 Mtrs. Heald Frame for Sulzer Machine.

We had manufactured Leno Doup Healds Thinner/Thicker, Closed loop type with Moon type / Slotted type Doups (Super Doups) during 1985-86.

We do manufacture small quantity requirements for Heald Frame, Heald Wire, Drop Pins & Leno Healds for Odd Weaving like Multi Layer fabrics, Geo Fabrics, Heavy Duty Jute weaving, Leno weave successfully for many clients. With our decades of experience and own R&D department we provide the best of the solution and we can also provide the tailor-made solutions for your requirements.

We Do It