Quality is meeting the requirement, expectation and needs of the customer being free from defects, lacks and substantial variants. Quality control & Quality assurance ensures optimum quality of the end product to the client.

“At Continental’s, Quality is the result of the experience, up gradations & improvisation made over the Decades.”

CONTINENTAL’S have always ensured highest Quality Products, matching & maintaining international standards. Our products are manufactured on sophisticated single line production facilities matching ISO / ISI & BS standards

Our INTERNATIONAL STANDARD PRODUCT QUALITY is controlled & assured by all the processes being under direct observations of the visionary directors and fully qualified & extensively experienced dedicated engineers.

At CONTINENTAL’S we take all the possible measures, right from the raw material sourcing and till the final product is delivered as per ISO 9001-2000 requirements. Continental’s extensive product line ensures its products are used in all facets of the textile industries including the manufacturing of finest cotton yarn to zero twist yarn & toughest Polypropylene or geo fabric yarn.

Over the years, product lines manufactured at Continental’s have earned their reputation through proven reliability, prompt services and low maintenance required while yielding high quality fabrics of all kind, providing a real value for money for the buyers.

We at CONTINENTAL’S do not see anything impossible. When there is a challenge we are ready to take it on and we make it right.”