Dots Heald Frame 

We are Founder manufactures of All Metal Heald Frames in India. With our 46 years of experience in manufacturing of Heald Frame, we have more than 4500 components/accessories by which we can offer any varieties of Heald Frame to suit any weaving machine. heald_Frame

Dots Healds

Continental’s Healds offer highly economized productive weaving . We invest our skill, Experience of generations, care and the right machines for required tooling for quality. Achievements. Continental’s Twisted / Inserted Wire Healds , Flat Steel Healds , Repair Healds, Riderless Healds, Leno Doup Healds, Needle / Tape Loom Healds & Special Healds are manufactured matching ISO / ISI & BS standards are widely accepted for any Weaving .

Dots Reeds 

Synthetic Bonded All Metal REED / Warping Reed Double Dent Reed / Comb Reed / ‘V’ Reed for Handloom to High Speed Weaving Machine made from Low Carbon Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Wire OR High Carbon Steel Wire in size of 2mm to 6mm Dent width having different sizes of baulks, different width up to the length of 4 meters for finest yarn to toughest yarn.

Dots Drop Pins

Made from Harden & Tempered High Carbon Bright Polished Strips suitable for Mechanical / Electrical Warp Stop Motions in the width of 8mm / 11mm / 15mm & Thickness of 0.2mm to 1mm ‘OPEN’ or’ ‘CLOSED’ loops type duly Nickel / Zinc Plated.

Dots Electrical Contact Bar 

Electrical Contact Bars suitable for any high speed Weaving Machines having Outer Stainless Steel Cover , Inner Brass Strips notched / Plain, duly insulated exactly as per Weaving Machine specification, both Symmetrical & Asymmetrical type for Single Side Connection / Double Side Connection. Dividing Rails made from Harden & Tempered Strips both edges rounded in size of 20mm x 3mm duly Nickel Plated.

Dots Spares

We can supply Locally Developed & Imported Sulzer Projectile weaving machines Spares from ready stock, which are guaranteed for performance interchangeable to original parts.

We can also supply used spares from dismantled Sulzer weaving machine.