The Continental’s – Group of companies is leading Manufacturers, Exporters & Importers of various Textile Weaving Accessories & Spares suitable for all types of High Speed Weaving M/cs. from the last 46 years.

Dots 1958 Dots Trading Company namely CONTINENTAL TEXTILE TRADERS started by founder Shri Punamchand F. Shah in 1958 trading Textile Wvg. Accessories & Spares.

Dots 1962 Dots CONTINENTAL INDUSTRIES started Manufacturing Activities of Heald Frames, Flat Steel Healds and REEDS & DROP Pins. We are the pioneers of manufacturing all metal Heald frames in India.

Dots 1973 Dots Two Private Limited Companies were formed namely


Dots 1975 Dots Company developed longest Healds & Heald Frames of 350cms. for `LAL’ 1005 Ruti `C’ Wvg. M/c.

Dots 1976 Dots Company developed Sulzer Heald Frames for RAYMONDS Woolen Mills.

Dots 1978 Dots Company developed LENO DOUP HEALDS – Moon type & Slotted type

Dots 1981 & onwards Dots Production capacity increased for Riderless Healds & Riderless Heald Frame for High Speed Weaving Machines. Growth Continues with new factory at Gandhinagar. Continental has 6 manufacturing units having their own manufacturing facilities in the area of 30000 Square Feet area. Factories are under the direct supervision of directors.

Dots 2000 Dots Started trading in second hand weaving machineries & machine parts.

Dots 2001 Dots Developed various PCB, Sensors and Transformers for Weaving Machine.

Dots 2003 Dots Manufactured Heald Frames for Projectile Weaving Machines up to the length of 5.5 Mts.